Coravin | Wine Preservation System

Located in Bedford, Massachusetts, United States of America

Wine Preservation System – Preserve Wine for Weeks, Months or Years

The innovative team at Coravin has developed a wine preserving system that lets people pour wine in any amount without removing the cork. The Coravin Wine Preservation System is available in over 60 countries across the world.

The unique wine preservation system’s design lets users pour the exact amount they require, the gas capsules replace the emptied wine with 99.99% pure argon, this protects the remaining wine from oxidation, which can preserve the rest of the wine for weeks to years.

The Coravin wine preservation system is used in wine bars and cocktail lounges, restaurants, hotels, wineries, and found in the homes of wine aficionados. Coravin offer various wine preservation models, capsules and accessories. 


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Phone: +1 855-692-6728


Coravin | Wine Preservation System
28 Crosby Drive, Suite 101
Massachusetts 01730
United States of America

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