Designed for a range of pruposes find blenders, milk shake mixer's, granita machine's and slushie machine's for all types of requirements. From serving blender drinks to milk shakes find equipment designed for speed, quality and performance. With a range of blenders that can come with an optional sound cover to reduce the nosiness to in-bench mounted models there are many brands, models and types to meet your needs.

Serving slushies designed to blend water, sugar and flavouring using a refrigeration process to produce delicious icy cold quality products, select from a range of leading slushie/granita machines and other equipment from daiquiri machine, frozen cocktail machines and margarita machines.

  • Blender
  • Milk Shake Mixer
  • Granita and Slushie Machine

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International Catering Equipment

Importers and suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment from such brands as Anvil, Hamilton Beach, Inomak, Mecnosud, Nemco, Orved, Sayl and Skymsen

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