An automatic guided vehicle (AGV) or a smart mobile robot converts foodservice facilities into automated facilities that attributes to reduced labour, allows set and timed operations and complete monitoring and control. Used in hospitals for meal delivery automatic guided vehicles are able to navigate tight corridors, navigate multiple storey buildings by using elevators, avoid obstacles from walls, stairs and people with sensors all monitored through a computer terminal.

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Systems and AGV’s Solutions

Through the monitoring process the efficiency of the AGV can be adjusted and evaluated to provide even greater service. Automated guided vehicle’s (AGV) offer a full service from the loading station to where the units automatically recharge, a truly innovative system designed for peace of mind and reliability. Automated guided vehicles are also used in industrial applications for reliable speed, accuracy and overall high performance, a great option that will free up time, energy and labour to better used elsewhere.

Select from a range of automated guided vehicle (agv) systems and find a solution for any type of operation.

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Swisslog designs, innovates and develops intelligent automated guided vehicle solutions to increase efficiency for healthcare operations.

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