Air curtains act to provide a door of air which is achieved typically by mounting the unit above a doorway and the air is forced downwards. Used in a wide range of installations from cafe's entrances to air plane hangars, air curtains are common and in wide use. With two main advantages air curtains prevent insects from entering the opening/entry to the area by creating air that is turbulent and disrupted, and secondly air curtains provide a temperature barrier.

Pest Control & Temperature Barrier

The temperature barrier can be heated, refrigerated or ambient to suit the usage. Air curtains can be designed to be setup as a manual or automatic operation. For an automatic operation the air curtain activates automatically by turning on when the doors opens and off when the doors close either by using a push button and a movement sensor. Select from range of air curtain products and speak to the specialists and find an efficient and economical solution.

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Carona Group Pty Ltd

We design and deliver barrier and door systems for energy efficiency, safety and hygiene control.

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