Adande Refrigeration

Located in Lowestoft, United Kingdom

Innovating Refrigeration, Freezing & Blast Chilling

Adande was established in 1984 in the United Kingdom. Since then Adande have introduced innovative designs and technology for refrigerating, freezing and blast chilling with the globally patented modular refrigerated drawer units. The unique design of the Adande units is how the drawers hold the cold air when the door is opened which greatly improves performance and energy efficiency. 

Adande has gone a step further and allow each drawer to be set as a refrigerator or a freezer with a temperature range from -7.6°F to +59°F / +15°C to -22°C. As well each drawer can be controlled to exact temperature control desired with increments of 0.1°F or .05°C between the temperature ranges. 

Four types of drawer units are available from side engine, rear engine, compact and matchbox (opens from both sides) and can be configured 1-2 drawers high excluding the compact model with various options from rollers, castors, legs, plinth slides, cover tops, work top, heat shelf top and even can be optioned with a custom top. 

Blast Chilling | Side engine standard height models have the option to operate as a blast chiller in addition to be a refrigerator/freezer with a capacity to blast chill 5kg of food from 70°C to +3°C in 90 minutes. 

In 2015 Adande created the Aircell® a Grab n’ Go chiller also known as an open sell refrigerator. 

Adande is used in all types of food operations from cafes, food outlets to commercial kitchens around the world offering excellent versatility.

Product Range | Side Engine - standard height / slimline / combination, Rear Engine Units, Compact Single Drawer Unit, Matchbox System - Double Drawer Unit, Aircell® is a  Grab n’ Go (open sell refrigerator) chiller


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Adande Refrigeration
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