Below outlines the business features we offer to better describe your business.

Note: Only the sections with information added will display on your listing.


We allow a listing to add the Brands that you offer, check the Plans page for brand limits. Brands are linking to your Company page. Brand page allow you to showcase each brand with the brand logo, company name, custom header, main introduction, brand image, contact details. As well the business features About, Social Media, Products, Certifications and News.

Social Media Note: If you have more than one (1) of the same (ie. two (2) Twitter accounts, we allowed for multiple entries which can be identified with a unique identifier.


This is where you can write about your business mentioning about the company’s or brand history, about the company's focus, interesting facts or innovations, or about the future. Also you can add a founding date, number of employees and a company type.

Social Media

Social media is ever growing and is a very powerful tool. Add your social connections to allow people to connect with you and grow your social media community covering LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. Add all of your social accounts as we allow for multiples of the same by including a unique identifier – for example add your LinkedIn Company link and your LinkedIn Personal link.


Services is perfect for outlining the services you offer. Start by selecting a heading that best suits your business and then add details about each service you provide. For each service you offer you can add an image, title and description.

Catalog & Price Guides

Add your product catalog and/or price guide to show the products you offer.

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