Below outlines the business features we offer to better describe your business.

Note: Only the sections with information added will display on your listing.


We allow is listing to add the Brands you offer, check the Plans and Pricing page for brand limits. Brands are linking to your Company page. Brand page allow you to showcase each brand with the brand logo, company name, custom header, main introduction, brand image, contact details. As well the business features About, Social Media, Products, Certifications and News.

Social Media Note: If you have more than one (1) of the same (ie. two (2) Twitter accounts, we allowed for multiple entries which can be identified with a unique identifier.


This is where you can write about your business mentioning about the company’s or brand history, about the company's focus, interesting facts or innovations, or about the future. Also you can add a founding date, number of employees and a company type.

Social Media

Social media is ever growing and is a very powerful tool. Add your social connections to allow people to connect with you and grow your social media community covering LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. Add all of your social accounts as we allow for multiples of the same by including a unique identifier – for example add your LinkedIn Company link and your LinkedIn Personal link.


Services is perfect for outlining the services you offer. Start by selecting a heading that best suits your business and then add details about each service you provide. For each service you offer you can add an image, title and description.

Catalog & Price Guides

Add your product catalog and/or price guide to show the products you offer.

Products - Products, Equipment & Food Types

You can choose either Products, Equipment or Food Types as it relates to your business. 

Products covers anything from finance products, maintenance packages, consulting packages and any other products you offer.

Equipment is where you can list the type of food service equipment you offer. Whether you are a manufacturer or an equipment supplier add the types/brand of equipment. If you have a large amount of equipment we suggest you list just a brand as a whole to not over clutter the page. You can add an image, heading/title/brand of the equipment and a description.

Food Types allows you to outline the types of food products you offer. Choose a heading/title that best suits the type of food you have to offer. Add an image or logo, a name and a brief description. You could mention about how it’s made, the ingredients and basically anything that would be of interest to someone looking at your products.

Events - Upcoming Information

Add information about the type of event or show you we be displaying you products or services. Simply choose a heading for your event. Remember you can change this at any time to suit the type of event. Add a date, a title, a description about the event and where you will be located within the event as well as the overall event location. 

For the main category Events the page has been setup to showcase the next event with an additional Google map and additional features.

Media & Sponsors

Media and Sponsor Partners is where you can mention about any media feedback and about your sponsors partners. First choose a heading from the dropdown then add your media and sponsors. You can add a image/logo, a title (ie. Food Technologist, Sarah Jones from “media sponsor”) and add a brief outline.

Featured Work

Featured work allows you to outline projects you are working on or have completed. Select a main heading from the dropdown. And then add your projects. Each project you can add a title to describe the project, a description and an image. This image is a pop-up and we the maximum picture size display width is 1000px. We recommend a picture sized 1000px by 700px looks best.

Medals & Awards

Medals and Awards offer a great place to showcase your awards and medals you have received. First select a heading from the dropdown. Then add each medal and award. For each entry you can add a title, description, logo and a PDF of the official document outlining the medal/award.


Certifications apply mainly to companies that require certifications to meet the regulatory guidelines. This is commonly attributed to equipment manufacturers and food products, though the category is available for all people to add if they wish. You can add a logo, document title, the expiry date (if applicable), a description and a Portable Document Format (PDF) of the actual certification.


This feature offers four "4" different choices that separate into their own section. The choices are Latest News, New Products, New Ideas & Innovations and Promotion. This is a great way to show your users news as it relates to your business, the season - summer, fall, winter and spring through to end of financial year. We recommend keeping these fields up to date.

Contacts & Partners

Contacts and Partners is aimed at promoting your business connections. Covering internal and external company relationships to international connections as well as partnerships with other people and companies. 

Add an introductory to outline your contacts and partners as a whole. And then select a Contact Type for each contact. Currently we offer Head Office, Sales and Industry Partners. For each contact or partner you can then list information about them from the company they work with, first and last contact name, job title, a company website, location, email and their available social connections.

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