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Did you know there are about 10,000 food service equipment manufacturers and 100,000’s of food based businesses across the world?

The problem is that most of these hospitality supplies companies are hidden from view making choices limited. That’s because major wholesalers and suppliers only offer a fraction of the thousands of products and services available, and because there’s no simple online directory to access the others.

That’s why we developed a hub to give chefs, restaurateur and café owners access to food service suppliers, products and services in a simple, easy-to use format - that’s accessible 24/7.

FoodService Select lets you view and choose from the largest range of food service suppliers – commercial kitchen equipment, hospitality supplies, food products, food consultants, catering finance, events and resources from across the world.

The end user isn’t the only one who benefits from the FoodService Select hub. Food service suppliers can benefit from expanded advertising reach, building brand awareness and the ability to tap into new audiences, just to name a few.

Choose the hospitality supplies YOU want

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We created FoodService Select because we believe people have the right to choose what they want – rather than being told what to buy. We’ve made the search process easier and quicker so you have more choice and can make better decisions .

We understand this because founder and CEO Brian Clarke has over 10 years worldwide foodservice expertise. He’s experienced firsthand how hard it is to search for food service products and services – it can be confusing, time consuming and frustrating. Our new Hub gives new, small and large operators an open playing field to find the products and services that best suit their needs.

Find food service suppliers easily

Our site saves you valuable time searching the web and gives you a simple ‘go to point’ for food services. So now you don’t have to worry about using the right key words and trawling through endless pages of content to find what you want. You can compare a wide variety of suppliers on one site. We put you in control of the buying process and bridge the gap between you and the supplier or product you really need.

And if you’re a food service supplier, we offer new, existing and specialist companies a better way to showcase their businesses, products and services with a growing audience of customers hungry for more choice. View our listing plans here.

Brian Clarke
CEO & Founder
FoodService Select

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