Brian Clarke – CEO & Founder

Brian Clarke

FoodService Select evolved from multiple journeys. Following a passion for architecture Brian was accepted to start a degree in architecture at the University of Technology Sydney. With a change of mind he started working as a sales manager for a stainless fabrication company involved in the design and sales of equipment and the design of commercial kitchen projects.

Wanting more of a challenge Brian joined Cini Little Australia's team as a project equipment specifier and documenter, this is where the vision of FoodService Select formed. Noticing the vastness of the food service industry and that there was no real go to point for information, products or services and in addition also running a side business designing and developing websites. Lead to the unifying of both fields that was to be the base foundation of FoodService Select

"We believe that people can make the best decision when they have a range of choices and by offering businesses a food service focused enterprise platform to showcase their products and services".
"We also noticed people do not have the time to search and scour for information".

This was found firsthand as search engines only go so far, as sometimes it can take a lot of different terms to find exactly what you are looking for. Many factors attribute to people finding businesses, such as does the website rank well as people abandon search results very quickly for another search. Search engines rely on content, keywords and up to date compliant website practices for best rankings. Sadly many sites are not built this way. This in turn makes searching for certain businesses like finding a needle in a haystack (ie. on page 42 of search results), let alone if you want more than a few to choose from.

"We bridge the gap to enable better connections and collaboration. People are able to learn and discover more, utilising their time more effectively all from a single Hub. We are about the companies, brands and the people"
Brian Clarke

Cini Little Australia | Leading Food Service Consultancy Firm

Brian’s experience with Cini Little Australia provided valuable knowledge and found himself very fortunate to work of major projects around Australia. Projects include the redevelopment of the Sydney Convention, Exhibition and the Theatre venue in Darling Harbour, SWEPAC Stadium in Shanghai, Australian Turf Club, Western Sydney Stadium, and many other projects throughout Australia from bars and clubs, corporate kitchens, hospitals to production kitchens.

With the various projects and food service briefs, there was variety in challenges, choices of equipment and changes in design in every project. As well various products clients have found from their travels of which we haven’t heard of just shows the vastness of the industry. This illustrates further how is anyone going to find all these products to make the right decision or even be aware it exists, as well as how do they find a product exists that does a specific task but they don’t know the name and all their search attempts don’t net a result in the search engines. This is where we come in to bridge this gap.

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